What to Consider When Ordering Universal Cuff Utensil Holders

Looking for a universal cuff utensil holder?

Schools and nursing homes require durable assistive devices for students and residents who are unable to hold eating or writing utensils.

When a business manager is buying a universal cuff utensil holder they need to look for specific details that make the items useful. 

1. Sold in Multipacks

A medical facility or school requires numerous assistance devices for the hands, so ordering the items in multipacks is necessary. It is a good idea to have extra universal cuff utensil holder’s available when one becomes contaminated with debris. 

2. Made of Soft Materials

The hands of children or senior citizens need to have soft assistive devices to avoid abrasions. A soft silicone material remains strong but does not hurt delicate skin. 

3.Available in Several Colors

Children love being able to choose a favorite color of universal cuff utensil holder to write on a paper. The health care employees in a nursing home prefer having assistive hand devices in different colors to make sure the appropriate one is used for each patient. 

4. Easy to Use

Managers want to select assistive hand devices that are flexible and easy to attach to forks, crayons or pencils. With simple-to-attach universal cuff utensil holders a physical therapist or teacher does not need to struggle to place items in the assistive device. 

5. Quick to Sanitize

Medical facilities and schools want to keep assistive hand devices sanitized to avoid transmitting bacteria and viruses. Silicone materials are easy to wash in hot soapy water to destroy pathogens. 

6. Made in Different Sizes

Due to the fact that there are huge variations in hand sizes teachers and therapists need to order different sizes of universal cuff utensil holders that are suitable for toddlers, children and adults. 

How is a Universal Cuff Utensil Holder Used?

An assistive device for the hands might need to hold a sippy cup for a toddler or a crayon for a student. These holders also make it possible for a senior citizen who has had a stroke to use a fork or spoon during a meal. 

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