An Alternative to Special Needs Utensils

If you’re looking for special needs utensils, you may be interested in the benefits of a soft silicone universal cuff instead.

Special Needs Utensils

While some find special needs utensils helpful, they’re not always a good fit. 

For example, if you have limited or no grip strength, it can still be difficult to handle a utensil, even if the utensil has a larger handle or additional weight. 


Unlike most utensils designed for exceptional needs, a universal cuff marries your hand with the utensil. This allows you to control the utensil without gripping it.

The EaZyHold cuff is made of soft silicone, making it one of the most comfortable cuffs available today. You won’t have to worry about Velcro scratching your skin or fabric absorbing moisture.

Best of all, you can sanitize the EazyHold cuff for use time and time again.

How to use EazyHold:   

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