Daily Living Aids to Help Senior Citizens Live Independently

Growing older does not have to mean giving up your ability to live on your own. You can maintain your independence and make your everyday life easier by using these daily living aids for senior citizens.

Mobile Emergency Alert Service

Your ability to live on your own can depend on how quickly you can summon help during an emergency. During a crisis when you may be unable to get to the phone, you need a service that will alert 911 for you.

You can stay safe in your own home by investing in a mobile emergency alert service. This service provides a wearable alert button that you can push as well as a call system that will put you in contact with 911 immediately. You can go about your day normally knowing that help will be on the way if you get sick, fall down, or experience any other emergency.

Grip Devices

The aging process may have robbed you of your ability to grip things like forks, pens, and other common everyday items. Rather than forfeit writing, being able to feed yourself, or perform other routine tasks, you can regain your grip by using a grip device like an EaZyHold.

You can find these grip devices for sale online. They are made out of pliable but sturdy materials and come in colors that make them fun to use everyday.

Large-Print Phones

Nothing is more frustrating than dialing the wrong phone number because you cannot see the phone’s keypad. The numbers printed on many phones today are small and difficult to see. You can spare yourself the frustration of squinting or holding the phone close to your face while dialing by using a phone with large print buttons.

These devices are available now as both landline phones and cellphones. You can dial any number confidently because you can see the keypad clearly.

Motorized Chair Lifts

Growing older brings a host of health conditions that rob you of your flexibility and normal range of motion. When getting out of a chair is a slow and painful process, you can make it easier by using a motorized chair lift.

This chair lift eases you out of your sitting position slowly until you are in a comfortable and stable upright position. You avoid falling back in the chair or toppling over on your face when you are trying to get up out of your recliner.

Hearing Assists

When you are hard of hearing, you may not realize that you have the TV’s volume turned up too high or that you are playing your radio too loudly. You can regain your normal range of hearing by using any of the hearing assists that are available on the market.

The hearing assists most commonly found today include speakers that you can connect to your TV. These speakers allow you to hear your programs better without having to turn up the volume. You can also find hearing assists that look like headphones. They amplify sounds around you so that you can hear conversations, music, and other noises easily and comfortably.

When you treasure your independence, you do not want to surrender it because of your inability to carry out your normal routine. These daily living aids for senior citizens make everyday life safer and easier.

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