The Importance of Including Children with Disabilities at School

Children who have disabilities, whether it be mental or physical, often feel excluded. 

It is important to make sure that all children are included in school activities. Other students need to learn to accept students for who they are, rather than how their disability affects them. 

The best way to include children with disabilities in school activities, according to the YouTube video by UNICEF, is to make sure that the school is handicap accessible. This means building ramps so that students in a wheel chair are able to easily maneuver their way around. Also, playground equipment can be made more accessible to children with disabilities.

It is also important to let the child know that they are wanted in the activities. Try to be mindful of children who are not participating in playtime and encourage them to participate in a way that works for them. It is also helpful to educate other students about different needs and encourage them to include their peers.

Click here to see the YouTube video by UNICEF to learn how to make sure that all students feel included at school. Check out our blog to learn more about navigating disabilities.

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