Reaching Impossible Milestones

Please help EaZyHold welcome Melissa Brown, the amazing mother of our friend Silas. She’s here today to share her experiences as a special needs parent facing the challenges of often unattainable developmental milestones and how special those moments are when the impossible is reached, with a little help from EaZyHold!

When you first learn of your child’s diagnosis, it often follows with warnings of all the milestones they will not reach, all the activities they will not be able to participate in, and a lot of broken dreams that you once had for your child. You not only mourn the loss of the big things like walking and talking, but you also start to think of all the little hopes and dreams as well that might never come to light. Holding that one special stuffy you received at their baby shower, the one that would become dirty and worn down from your child bringing it everywhere, the one that no matter how many times you washed it, it still looked dirty from being so loved. You think of how now that stuffy will stay brand new and soft, and your child may not ever be able to hold it themselves. You think of the clean slate on the fridge ready for artwork to come home with them from school and be hung for all to see! Without being able to hold onto a paintbrush or marker how will they even be able to create art that they truly made themselves without help? You think of how you might never need to even go down the aisle holding all the superhero action figures, because how will they play with them when they can’t even hold onto them. All of these small moments, the ones you might not think about until you receive a life-changing diagnosis spin wildly in your head as you grieve the loss of them. 

So what happens when a small company brings an idea to life. An idea of such a simple product, a small piece of silicone, colorful and soft. To think that this simple product can bring so many of those broken dreams back to life is something we are so grateful for. Thanks to EaZyHold, Silas has been able to hold his first rattle, take his favorite stuffed bunny on adventures, play with toys in the car when we can’t hold them for him. EaZyHold has helped Silas paint and draw, helped him bake with Mom and hold a whisk to stir the batter when we make goodies for his teachers. Silas was able to play with his first real action figure! He’s dyed Easter eggs with the help of his EaZyHold. He even used it to hold the bat at baseball! Watch out world! This product has given us a little glimpse of hope back for our son. We are so thankful to EaZyHold for creating a product that is changing the lives of so many. It’s helping children and adults with limb differences, it’s guiding some to hold onto their gait trainers as they take their first steps, it’s allowing kids to be kids and play with action figures and barbies and given them independence to brush their own teeth or hold their own utensil to eat. And it’s giving parents and adults hope that even though there are struggles we continue to face, there are companies out there who have our backs! Companies willing to create products that are affordable and life-changing. So, hats off to you EaZyHold! The possibilities are endless thanks to you!

Thank you Melissa! We’re so honored to be a part of Silas’s journey.
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