Challenging Children’s Minds and Bodies with Water Play

Please welcome Kaitlyn Mersich, PT, DPT to the EaZyHold blog today! She has been a pediatric physical therapist for 3 years and is here to share a post on fun summer outdoor activities. Please enjoy!

Although your child is getting a much needed break from school for the summer, this does not mean they should stop learning! There are many fun outdoor activities in which your child can learn about body awareness, coordination, balance and full body strengthening, challenging both their body and mind. As a pediatric PT, I have learned that children will participate in anything when you can make it fun and engaging. 

Water fun for the backyard:

  • hose spray snake: make various patterns with the water having your child jump over the spray without getting wet. Challenges balance and jumping skills

  • water balloon carry: have child place the balloon in various positions (under arm, chin, between legs, etc) and carry it across the yard to a partner without dropping or popping the balloon. Teaches them force grading and muscle recruitment

  • sprinkler limbo to challenge balance

  • noodle balance beam: positioned in the grass for more stability, increase the difficulty with a sprinkler spraying them

  • animal walks across a slip n slide for overall strengthening and coordination

Thank you Kaitlyn for these fun ideas! Are you going to try these? Leave your comment below and share your pictures with us on Instagram and Facebook!

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