“Learning To Live” – An Insight to Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis

While browsing through Instagram, I stumbled upon an amazing teen who is sharing her journey with juvenile arthritis through her beautiful writing. I asked her to write a blog post specifically for us to share with our followers and boy did she deliver!
Elizabeth shares her personal thoughts, struggles and overall strength with the readers in regards to her life changing childhood arthritis diagnosis and how it affects her deep passion for art.

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is so life-changing. For some, things change rapidly and become chronically ill overnight. Some of us suffer for years, feeling the change slowly but surely. But regardless of how it comes, we all mourn. We all deal with change and long for the life we had before.

Sometimes, I think that reality is easier to deal with than the “what if’s.” While I completely accept the condition of my body and what might happen later, it’s painful to think of what might’ve been if I never developed psoriatic arthritis as a child. If I had never developed an autoimmune disease, my bones would still be strong. I would never have to take medications with overpowering side effects. And my parents would never have gone through the heartbreak of having a child suffering in pain.

Continue reading “Learning to Live” on Elizabeth’s blog, The Girl With Arthritis.

Thank you again, Elizabeth!
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