Mindfulness in Motion

EaZyHold has partnered with a wonderful project called mindfulness in mOTion. MIM is an occupational therapy and education consulting practice founded by two nontraditional pediatric OTs, Danielle Delorenzo and My Bui-Lewis. Their mission is to approach the practice in a neurodiversity-affirming manner and incorporate mindfulness and movement into therapy. Their services include training and consultations for parents, teachers and staff, and evaluations for children.

From their website:

As educational occupational therapists, we realized that there are many hurdles to jump over when trying to make impactful and positive changes. We felt it was necessary to shift the mindset towards a new culture of how OT’s can help on a larger scale by integrating mindfulness and movement to increase academic performance, life productivity, and emotional regularity throughout the lifespan.


During a meeting with Danielle and My, they taught the EaZyHold team about social-emotional learning and we learned that there are actually eight senses rather than five! The three often overlooked senses include vestibular sense, in which the inner-ear vestibular system helps us orient and balance our bodies in space. Another sense is interoception, which describes sensing internal body signals such as feeling hungry or needing to use the restroom. The third is proprioception, the sense of self movement. This is how we sense the action, force, and position of our body parts.

Check out the mindfulness in mOTion website to learn more about the services they provide, and stay up to date with their journey on instagram @mindfulness.in.motion.

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